Regulations for service provision

1. The Regulations define the scope and terms for the provision of repair services, overview, maintenance and installation of computer equipment, peripheral devices and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) by Computer Service Support - Beskidy Sp. z o.o., hereinafter referred to as either CSS Beskidy or the Service.


2. The Regulations are available at CSS Beskidy?s premises and on The possibility of individual establishment of contractual terms with the customer in written form is also available.


3. Repairs under the guarantee provided by CSS Beskidy are free of charge except in cases specified on the manufacturer?s guarantee card. For repairs under guarantee, procedures complying with the requirements of manufacturers? equipment shall be applied. Guarantee repair time, provided that a valid guarantee card and/or purchase receipt is available, if a manufacturer requires the submission thereof, shall commence from the date of delivery of equipment and amounts to 14 days. If the deadline is extended due to difficulties pertaining to the delivery of spare parts, CSS Beskidy shall promptly inform the Customer of the above.

CSS Beskidy reserves the right to withdraw from free-of-charge repair under guarantee, if:

- the equipment bears signs of mechanical damage which may have an effect on the fault in question

- the equipment was opened or repaired by unauthorised persons

- the damage occurred due to operation in a way which failed to comply with the description provided in the user?s manual

- the equipment has been damaged or destroyed as a result of the occurrence of force majeure or environmental impacts

In case of repairs under guarantee CSS Beskidy reserves the right to charge the customer for diagnostics and repair/reinstallation of software and equipment diagnostics if no failure is found. The fee rates will be based on the pricelist applicable at CSS Beskidy.


4. By signing an order the Customer shall accept the costs of service paid in compliance with the conditions specified in the order:

- if repair costs do not exceed the upper limit determined by the Customer, payment for the service will be according to the amount of time and spare parts incurred.

- no specification of the upper cost limit is equal to providing consent to the repair of equipment at the applicable rates and prices of spare parts. Such rates shall be presented to the Customer upon delivery of equipment for repair.

- if repair costs exceed the upper limit, the Customer shall be required to provide additional acceptance, which he agrees to submit within 7 days after obtaining the quote for repair. The absence of the Customer?s declaration within the referred time shall be deemed as opting out of repair, and then at the same time the quote for repair shall constitute acall for collection of the equipment within 14 days of its receipt. The repair pricing shall be free of charge and valid within 7 (seven) days of the date of issue. In the event of opting out of repair, the quote for repair shall not be issued in written form.

- in the case of opting out of repair after spare parts necessary for the repair process have been ordered, the Customer shall cover the cost thereof. The parts shall then be handed over to the Customer.


5 Pursuant to the applicable regulations concerning waste disposal, spare parts replaced during repair shall be utilised by the Service. By request of the Customer, CSS Beskidy may waive the above principle and return the parts in question to the customer.


6. CSS Beskidy shall not be responsible for data on hard disk drives and other media submitted with the equipment to be repaired. The Customer, when handing in equipment for repair, shall be informed of the risk of data loss in cases in which such data is not properly protected, in particular through the copying of data.


7. The Customer shall declare that the equipment handed in for repair is the Customer?s property (or the Customer has the right to dispose of it) and confirm that the software installed is fully legal. The Customer shall undertake to deliver the original software media, if restoration of the installed software is required.


8. CSS Beskidy shall be liable for the service provided and spare parts replaced for a period of 3 (three) months. In special cases CSS Beskidy may shorten or extend the liability period for the service provided.


9. CSS Beskidy reserves the right to withdraw from performance of the service without providing the reason for such an action. The above record does not apply to the Customers who are consumers.


10. The original of an order for repair shall constitute a document confirming the conclusion of a service agreement and authorisation for the collection of equipment after repair, which is given to a customer upon supply of the equipment to be repaired.


11. The Customer shall be obliged to collect the equipment not later than within 14 days following the receipt of information on the completion of repair. Should the equipment not be collected within the time specified above, CSS Beskidy shall contact the Customer by telephone as well as in writing to collect the equipment within 30 days of the date of said contact. If the above time limit has expired with no effect, CSS Beskidy shall contact the Customer once again by telephone and in writing to collect the equipment within 3 (three) months upon a date of said contact. Should the Customer fail to collect the equipment after the second notification, CSS Beskidy reserves the right to charge a fee for storage of the equipment outside the original agreement. The fee rates will be based on the pricelist applicable at CSS Beskidy.

12. If the equipment to be repaired is delivered by means of courier, packaging suitable for transport shall be required. In the absence of the original packaging please use replacement packaging to minimize the risk of damage during transport. If goods are sent to the service via a courier company designated by the Service and at the expense of the Service, the ?insurance? option must be marked on the waybill and thevalue and contents of the shipment shall be declared. Should the value of the equipment not be declared on the waybill, the upper limit of liability of the courier company for possible damage incurred during transport shall amount to PLN 300. In such cases, the Service shall not be liable for any losses resulting from the understated amount of damages received. The provision shall not refer to customers who are consumers.


In cases not governed by the provisions of these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure shall be applied.